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1Do I Rent or Purchase Containers?

Yes you can do either. We offer a New, Refurbished and As-Is Containers for rent or sale.

2Do You Customize Containers?

Yes we do. Having the expertise and facilities to construct and paint, we have turned containers into homes, pool cabanas, garages, portable offices, store fronts and more.

3How do i get started?

We can fulfill your container needs by just calling our office and one of our experienced staff members can walk you through the process from purchasing through delivery to your site.


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The Story of Storage on Wheels
Storage on Wheels got its start back in 1979 when the original owner, Larry Holland, shifted gears a bit. You see, Larry originally ran a small moving company and it was here where he came up with the idea to provide the customer with their own trailer to use. These trailers could be left on site for clients to have time to load up all their belongings.

After the trailer was all loaded, the customer had the option to move the trailer to the new address or could even rent the trailer for an extended amount of time. That is, until they were ready to move into their new home.

The Birth of Storage on Wheels
It was around this time that Larry saw that storage containers could be used for virtually anything. Larry saw a need for onsite storage trailers for construction companies during the building boom of the eighties.

After that, the big casinos who needed storage on property when doing renovations saw fit to use this service—So Larry catered to them. The trailers worked great for these businesses because they could load them up at one place and we would move them to where ever in town they needed. More and more customers found a use for these services Storage on Wheels grew to the giant company it is today.

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