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3 Ways to Keep Your Shipping Containers Strong

Storage containers are fantastic for a number of uses, but depending on where you buy them they can be far from perfect. Time makes fools of us all, and we all know the trials of having metal rust, dent, and even breaking. These problems are all just expected wear and tear of a well-constructed container, but getting the most bang for your buck is always priority number one. So – how can you upgrade your containers to breathe new life and use into them?

3 Upgrades to Make Your Shipping Container Stronger

Wooden Flooring

Normal shipping containers are as barebones as they come – steel construction all the way through. As it’s restricted to just one layer of the construction, maybe it’s time to add more layers! Wooden floorboards can work both to improve structural integrity and ease up the wear and tear inside. After all, it’s much cheaper to replace the particle board than to replace steel. As a small added bonus – it also makes accidental falls, trips, and stumbles a lot less painful and dangerous!

Weather Stripping

Adding weather stripping to your shipping containers involves adhering plastic sheets to the door jambs to keep out water/moisture. Essentially, you’re aiming to seal your container shut and keep out the elements! Yet again, this simple addition to sturdy steel can be a massive quality of life upgrade. Interior rust and wear is drastically less problematic, and the plastic can reduce the impact of clumsy closing. Weatherstripping is an inexpensive solution to some rather costly repairs down the line!

Proper Storage

Storing a storage container isn’t something we take into account all that often, but it makes sense! If we’re looking to keep it protected from the elements, it’s time to start treating it better. Particularly in cases of turning shipping containers into homes or accounting for long-term storage, it’s time to put some care to the outside as well! Depending on your situation, there are a number of ways to keep your containers from being exposed to the elements. One such solution is tried and true – keeping your shipping containers in (wait for it) another shipping container! If your area’s particularly prone to rapid weather changes, keeping it boxed up can spare you a lot of heartache.

Explore Your Options With the Experts

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