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Abandoned Shipping Containers Made into Homes for Veterans

Las Vegas welcomed a new kind of housing village  – where the houses are made out of abandoned shipping containers. Re-purposing the containers provides affordable homes for the veterans as well as a sense of community. 

The repurposed storage containers are located in Share Village, better known as Veterans Village. Arnold Stalk, the founder, says these new recycled homes are a step towards fighting homelessness. 

Share Village #2

This is the future of transitional and emergency housing for veterans and their families. This new technology is recycling containers that have fallen off ships as well as off the shelf components to create sustainable homes. 

The new community named, Sands Cares, had a large revealing ceremony. Mayor Goodman as well as Stalk and other state and city dignitaries attended. The celebration was centered around the valley’s veterans that are in need.

These homes can be built quickly, economically sound and environmentally friendly while also being affordable. 

The Size of the Homes

Two sizes of storage container homes can be found in the village. The first measures out to be 8x20x8, and costs around $27,000 to renovate. The second home is 8x40x8, and costs around $37,000 to renovate according to Stalk. 

Inside these container homes you’ll have a living room, bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. Stalk believes these container homes could be mass produced all around the world, in efforts to create affordable housing for the homeless. 

Stalk says, the only way to solve homelessness is to build homes. Renovating lost, used or abandoned shipping containers is a perfect solution to providing affordable homes all over the world. 

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