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Bring in Bigger Crowds with Storage Container Pop Up Shops

The landscape of modern business has undergone immense changes in recent years, and the phenomenon of pop up shops continues to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the perfect opportunity to cut their teeth in the increasingly fierce environment. If you’re a budding business owner looking to capitalize on those possibilities, the choice of the premise will be one of your most significant decisions. A storage container storefront may be the answer to your prayers.

If increasing your customer base is the top item on your agenda, here’s why a storage container retail store may be a better solution than the brick and mortar alternative.

Bring in Bigger Crowds with Storage Container Pop Up Shops

Save Money

Every business decision should be a financial one. Opting for the storage container retail store option is one that will reduce your initial outlay and remove the long-term commitment of signing an agreement in a traditional commercial space. Perfect.

Choosing the pop-up store solution has worked wonders for many businesses, with Pantone Cafe being a great example. However, the material costs related to shipping containers mean that this option is an even greater solution for your budget. This lets you spend more money on products and marketing, which in turn should allow you to win over the bigger crowds.

On a similar note, a pop-up store (container or otherwise) can work wonders when the main store is closed for maintenance. After all, they can be created and delivered to the site in a speedy fashion too.

Go Mobile

If the crowds won’t come to you, taking the business to them is your only option. Storage containers are the ideal mobile pop up shop solution and can be easily transported from one destination to the next.

This has been utilized well by companies from a host of industries, such as clothing brand The Die Hards, who regularly use this idea to test the waters. Being mobile allows small businesses to test new territories without taking on significant financial risks or investments. Whether you attend trade shows, tour around a country, or merely find places with good foot traffic doesn’t matter. All of those steps will aid your cause.

Being mobile and staying in a spot for a limited time also opens the door to using limited time offers, which can build excitement and shift units at an incredibly quick speed.

Maintain Esthetic Control

First impressions count for everything in business, particularly when your brand doesn’t boast the reputation of more experienced competitors. A modern layout that captures the imagination can quickly level the playing field.

Storage container rental opportunities are the best way to do this. Shipping containers can be turned into cafes, retail stores, showrooms, or various other uses. More importantly, the versatility extends to the layout of the construction as well as the decorative choices and color schemes. This can even be used by existing brands looking to expand their businesses, as was the case with Chocolat Frey. Provide that wow factor, and consumers will flock to your storage container unit. This is the first breakthrough.

Using a shipping container as a retail location truly puts the control in your hands. Whatever your vision might be, our experts can help bring it to life.

Rent Fully Customizable Storage Containers for Your Store

If you are an aspiring business owner who is looking to sell your product creatively, or storage container rental service is perfect for any pop-up store. We have fully customizable container that will help your business stand out from the rest. For more information, contact us today!

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