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Build a Craft Beer Business in a Shipping Container

Storage containers are used to carry cargo across the country and across the ocean. They are built tough enough to withstand extreme weather and to hold their cargo no matter if they are connected to a truck, hitched to a train, or stacked on a ship. They are built to last. So, what happens to them when they have reached their limit for shipping purposes but are still strong and reliable? They are sold to the public for whatever the person holds in their imagination. 

Versatility of Shipping Containers 

The Container Park here in Las Vegas is a playground for children and adults with a venue for concerts, boutiques, restaurants and a playground for the kids to play on and it was built out of shipping containers! Other people have used the containers to build pools, tiny homes, medical clinics, and even microbreweries. When it comes to what you can create with shipping containers, the sky’s the limit. 

Thinking of Building a Brewery? 

Budweiser and Coors were the rocky mountain beer kings for decades until microbreweries came on the scene. They started slowly but have exploded in number in the past few decades. Now they can be found pretty much everywhere. If you like the idea of brewing your own beer and offering it to the public, you have to first find a suitable place to create your tasty brew. Do you want to rent or buy an existing building that may not have all of the things you need? Or do you want to build from the ground up to ensure each part is integrated exactly how you envisioned? Or do you want to purchase a few inexpensive old shipping containers, arrange them how you like, and build a bold, beautiful, modern brewery the likes of which the world has never seen? 

Microbreweries Come in all Different Sizes

Despite the name “micro” brewery, they come in all sizes. Some offer many different types and styles of beer and some only offer one or two. Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii can be found in all 50 states and offer many different types, styles, and flavors. The Coney Island Brewing Company in New York, the world’s smallest brewing company, brewed only one gallon of beer at a time. How many flavors do you want to test?  

Why Brew Beer in a Container?

Would it be better to build a microbrewery out of sticks or brick and mortar so it can be there forever? Or are you more of a nomad and you would prefer to move your brewery along with you? Think of the possibilities of a mobile brewery! You could follow festivals or boy bands, participate in ren faires, or pull up to sporting events. If you build your brewery in a container that can be moved anywhere that a truck, ship, train, or helicopter can go the possibilities are endless! Containers are not only strong and weatherproof, but they are portable as well! If you need to move for any reason, you can take your business with you.

Another plus to building a brewery in a shipping container is that it doesn’t need to be disassembled, just pack it on a truck and move it down the road! As your business grows, add more containers. They are cost-effective and when you are ready to move on, you can sell the whole business to another brewer. If you already have a standing brewery but just need extra refrigeration storage space a shipping container will fill that need nicely as well.

Shipping Containers are Versatile

You can specify how your container is built. You can design the layout or have one of our knowledgeable contractors help you. Instead of moving city to city and building to building, having to change your needs and reconfigure your materials as you go along, a brewery in a shipping container can be built to your specifications and can be loaded onto a truck or a train or even a ship and be transported anywhere in the world! At Storage on Wheels, we have a wide selection of shipping containers to meet your needs. Give us a call and get started on building your dream brewery today! 

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