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Containing the Homelessness Problem: Shipping Containers as Affordable Housing

It seems the chronic homelessness situation in America’s cities somehow isn’t improving fast enough. It is also a source of endless debate. However, there are some cities in this country like Los Angeles and urban Southern California, and even worldwide like Tokyo and London, have been replacing debate with action. These cities have been experimenting with the use of shipping containers as affordable housing for people who cannot afford housing in these ever costlier cities.

Shipping Container Homes: Potential Homelessness Relief

While this solution sounds like shoving human beings into a box, it is far more sophisticated than that. The versatility of shipping containers is by now widely understood, and people already downsize their lifestyle into airstreams, tiny houses, and shipping containers. So, it stands to reason that cities can use the same method to alleviate the homelessness problem in an economical, space-conscious manner.

Test cities

Major cities all over the world have discovered the affordability of constructing shipping container homes to relieve their homelessness. In Orange County, CA, they wanted to find a way to take care of their homeless population. Due to a high rate of people living on the streets, they began to build housing in shipping containers that provided a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom/dining area. Those who live in these container homes will pay little to no rent and will have a case manager to help them receive government benefits for things like disability or war veteran status.

London has also gotten on board with providing emergency homes for the homeless with the use of shipping containers. The Ealing borough of London has built a modern apartment complex that includes 34 apartments with an on-site laundry room, playground, and management office. They come fully furnished with the essentials for anyone that is in need of a place to call their own.

Toward a Wider Application

Of course, the shipping container concept is not the panacea for the chronic problem of urban homelessness. However, it is one of the most novel, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions in recent years. It has added a new dimension toward solving a complex problem that has bewildered cities for decades.

Part of A Solution

As a local Las Vegas company, Storage on Wheels does its part to supply shipping containers toward this housing endeavor. If you want to help your community with homelessness relief, we will work with you to get you started on creating an impact for your community. Visit us today!

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