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Creative Uses of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are being used for more than just storage. Now they are being used as homes, greenhouses, shopping malls and even stadiums. Storage containers are trendy!

In El Paso Texas, an architecture firm called Root Architects, built a shopping center made out of a majority of shipping containers. This shopping center will include shops, restaurants, bars and a gym all made out of containers. 

This is not the first shopping center of its kind in Texas. After that, “The Coffee Box” opened its doors. This coffee shop is made out of two storage containers. 

So what else can be created from shipping containers?


Things Made Out of Containers

Horse Stables

Have you ever heard of a horse stable made out of a shipping container? These containers actually make great structures for stables. You can use one container for one horse, or build multiple containers together to create a whole stable. 

These storage containers can also double as shelters or tack rooms. They make for easy cleanup!



Qatar has built a 40,000 seat shipping container stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Ras Abu Aboud stadium has a bold design concept that is unlike any other World Cup stadium. 

FIFA says once the tournament is over they plan on disassembling the stadium so it can be reconstructed at another location or turned into smaller venues. 

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy that is responsible for delivering the stadium hopes that this sustainable approach will start as a blueprint for future events. 


Solar School

Repurposed storage containers are also being used as schools in some of the world’s poorest countries. Samsung launched a Solar Powered Internet School in 2011, to increase access to education for children in rural areas of Africa. The school also improves the area’s access to electricity. 

Each shipping container school can hold 21 students as well as being designed for energy-scarce environments and transportation. The containers include foldable solar panels which provide 9 hours of electricity daily. 


Storage On Wheels

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