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Finding Out What Size of Shipping Containers You Need

Did you know that there are all kinds of different shipping container sizes? Not only that, but each size serves its own unique purpose? It’s true and now we are passing that knowledge onto you so you can decide which sizes of shipping containers you’ll need.

What Are the Shipping Container Sizes?

10ft shipping container

These storage sizes are quite small. You’ve likely never seen a shipping container so small in your life. However, if you live in a smaller space or own less stuff, you might want to save a buck by renting something as small as a 10ft shipping container. It just might be able to hold all your stuff.

20ft shipping container

In case you’re wondering, a standard 20ft shipping container would be able to store a car or something as big as a car. As you can imagine, this is one of the only shipping container sizes that can actually fit in your driveway, if you ever need it there to load it up. The usual storage amount for one of these is about a garage full worth of stuff.

40ft shipping container

The 40ft shipping container, or 40ft High Cube, is the most cost-effective approach to storage. In terms of price, they really aren’t much more than a 20ft shipping container—in terms of size, however, that’s twice the storage space! That’s about a two car garage or about three or four rooms worth of stuff.

What Size Do You Need?

Now it’s time to figure out what size you’ll need for your project. Are you moving something? Storing something? Purchasing a shipping container for an art project, or a home? In any case, you want to make sure you don’t end up with the wrong size.

Let’s say you’re moving out of your apartment and need to store your stuff. If it’s an apartment, it could be anywhere from 3 to 4 rooms, so you’ll probably want either a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. Which is good, because this is the most cost effective solution. Just renting one of these is securing yourself for the possibility that you’ll have more stuff to store or move than you anticipated.

Now, let’s say you’re just moving out of your roommates apartment or home. This is different because you’ll likely only have one room to pack up for. Depending on how much stuff you have, you’re probably looking at either a 10ft or 20ft storage container.

If it’s a small apartment or condo you’re moving out of, usually a 10ft storage container would work, but sometimes people have a lot of things they need to store and take care of. It might be advantageous to go with the 20ft storage container, just to be safe.

If you’re planning on building a shipping container home or a shipping container office space, you’d probably want to go with a 40ft shipping container. The more space, the more building material, the better.

We Have All the Shipping Container Sizes

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