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Five Things You Should Know About Modified Shipping Containers

Not everyone knows about modified shipping containers and their potential benefits for different industries. Modified shipping containers have many uses. Continue reading for information on things you should know about modified shipping containers.

What is Offsite Construction?

Traditional construction is when workers build a structure at its final location. The opposite is offsite construction, when a significant amount of the fabrication process takes place away from the final location. The main benefit of offsite construction is decreasing time to profit. This is why many companies have flocked to this construction style over traditional construction.

Budgeting for Containers

While shipping containers can be cheaper than alternative building methods, this isn’t always the case. Additional costs should be considered when budgeting for a container building project. These costs include doors, windows, insulation, climate control, plumbing, and electrical additions. With all these costs included, offsite container construction can typically save between five and ten percent in hard costs compared to traditional construction projects.

Technical Considerations are Important

Not all shipping containers require a foundation, but some do. While a container can be placed on firm ground, a foundation might be necessary for multi-container buildings and permitted structures.

Climate control and the proper insulation also need to be considered depending on what the container will be used for.

Understanding Permitting

The International Building Code (IBC) included specifications for container-based structures, which shows that modified shipping container permitting has come a long way. However, you must do your due diligence to determine if you require a permit in your local jurisdiction.

Plan for Design Limitations

You need to understand and plan for design limitations in your shipping container structure, regardless of its intended use. Certain modifications might make the structure more difficult to transport. Some cabinets and countertops travel better than others. Some exterior modifications might make it difficult for the container to fit on the bed of a semi-truck. These are some things that should be considered when designing your container.

Contact the Experts

It’s recommended that you work with trusted structural engineers, designers, and container manufacturers to modify and reinforce your shipping container safely. At Storage on Wheels, our experts can help safely modify and customize your shipping container. Contact us for more information.

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