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Give Your Teenager Space With an Off-the-grid Storage Container

Is it getting too cramped in your house? Does your teenager need her own space? Maybe it’s time to get a storage container so she can have a place of her own. Is she always having lots of friends come over? If you set up a storage container for her, she can have all-nighters and you and the rest of the family can sleep peacefully. Sound good?

Benefits of an Off-Grid Storage Container for Your Teenager

A Place of Their Own

What teenager wouldn’t love a place to call their own, especially if it gives them their privacy? A storage container room is ideal for teens and parents alike. The teen can have all their friends over without worrying about disturbing their parents. The parent, meanwhile, can relax knowing their teen is safe and not causing a raucous in the house.

Custom Made

You can fit a shipping container room with insulation, air conditioning, and electricity to suit the teen’s needs. Additional features can vary, such as a personal bathroom or even a mini-fridge and microwave. 

Adding Solar Panels to Your Shipping Container Home

Solar panels can be one of the most cost-efficient modifications that you can add to your teen’s new shipping container room. This will allow you to have access to power, no matter where you live. As long as the sun is shining, you will have electricity to power up your teen’s new space.

Living Off-grid

Even if you live in a remote area that does not have the traditional hookups such as electricity and water, you can modify your teen’s storage container room to accommodate any lifestyle. One way to have your teen live completely off the grid is to install solar power units on top of their shipping container room.

Solar panels are installed and positioned in the optimal direction to be exposed to the sun, facing south. The panels then convert the sun’s rays into electrons that are then channeled into a current to power their room. 

Have Access to Power, Even at Night

One main drawback to solar panels as your main source of energy is the need for the sun to be shining. If it is a cloudy day, your panels may not run at optimal performance, and they will not work at night when the sun is down. One way to overcome this is through a battery storage system. Throughout the day, you will be able to store power that could be used during cloudy days or even at night ensuring that your teen has access to electricity at any time. You can also reduce energy consumption through efficient electrical appliances and proper insulation.

When She Goes to College

The extra room for your teen also has other benefits. When she moves away to college, the room can be used for guests or visiting in-laws. It could also be converted to a personal yoga room, or to a full shipping container home to add some rental income to your budget. Las Vegas storage container ideas are limitless when you think about it!

Other Benefits of Adding a Shipping Container Room

If you need more convincing, here are other reasons a shipping container room makes a great gift for your teen and for you

  • More Room in Your House
  • A happier, more independent teen
  • Additional space
  • An amenity if you sell your home

Contact Our Las Vegas Storage Container Company

If you’re considering getting your teen his or her own room, contact our Las Vegas shipping container company. We will streamline the process of design and build a new space for your family. No matter your project or reason to own a shipping container, Storage on Wheels has the selection to ensure that you will find the perfect fit.

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