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Interesting Facts About the Modular Building Industry

The construction industry indicates the nation’s economic health. When things go well in the construction industry, it allows many other industries to flourish as well. The modular building industry is a subsection of the larger construction industry, and it’s been growing in popularity recently. This is due to the ability to reduce project schedules, work with premanufactured building elements (such as shipping containers), and cut costs. Continue reading to find out some interesting facts about the modular building industry.

Modular Construction Reduces Project Schedules

Recent modular construction project reports have shown that their timelines compared to traditional construction are accelerated by twenty to fifty percent. This is due to the ability of work crews to build both offsite and onsite at the same time. 

Modular Construction is Broken into Two Categories

The two categories of modular construction are broken into are volumetric and non-volumetric. Volumetric construction is when 3-D units are created offsite and later stacked together onsite. This is the case with modified shipping containers. 

Non-volumetric construction is when smaller prefabricated parts are utilized. These include wall panels, frames, and beams. 

Modular Construction Helps Cut Costs

Utilizing new technologies and constant innovation helps keep costs low. This includes the utilization of newer and lighter materials, as well as improved productivity due to manufacturing techniques. 

The Future of Modular Construction

The future of modular construction looks promising as they gain more traction, especially with the skyrocketing cost of many materials used in traditional construction. Modified shipping containers now offer a durable and awe-inspiring space for housing, offices, storage, and more.

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