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Is a Shipping Container Pool Right for You?

Shipping containers are sleek, trendy, and have so many uses! Did you know you can use a storage container as an alternative to a traditional pool?  Your family will be the talk of the neighborhood with an in-ground swimming pool that’s made from a storage container!

But, is a shipping container pool right for you? Here are the pros and cons of these cool pools!

Pros of a Shipping Container Pool

Install Takes One Day

You can compare the install of a shipping container pool to an install of a pool that has a fiberglass shell. Traditional concrete swimming pools may take months to build, but not storage container pools. If you need a pool and are in a time crunch, your best bet is to find a ready-to-go storage container and use that as the base of your cool new pool!

Super Sleek

They’re sleek, they’re modern, your house will be the summer pool party spot! These pools are on the same trend as shipping container homes. Mainly, people use containers for the aesthetic. Using a storage container as a pool is not only eco-friendly, it’s a sleek aesthetic that will be the highlight of your backyard.

May be Cheaper

A small shipping container pool may cost you less than $17,000.The normal size of these pools comes out to be around 96 square feet of space with 8 feet in width. This can be compared to the size of a parking spot. 

Take it When You Leave

If you love to move every couple of years, perfect! You can take your storage container pool with you! All you have to do is dig it up and transport it to your new home! When you take your pool with you, you’re also recycling and being environmentally friendly!

A Great Lap Pool

The shape and length of shipping containers make for the perfect lap pool! The rectangular shape acts as your own lane in a pool! This is the perfect pool to train in!

Cons of Shipping Container Pools

Is the Look for You?

Some people think the look is modern while others can’t stand the look of a container in their backyard. When people think of pools they think of large circular designs that flow with the shape of their backyard – not a rectangle made from a container. People also love luxury pools with tiles and designs. If you want more than just a rectangular pool, the shipping container look may not be for you.

May be Just as Expensive

If you want a larger storage container pool with 320 square feet of space, this may cost up to $40,000. Still, with the larger amount of space compared to a normal shipping container, your space only expands lengthwise, leaving you still with 8 feet of width. This doesn’t include the cost of labor or other amenities. 

The Shape is the Same

Storage containers come in one shape, rectangular. The rectangular shape is nice for swimming laps but not essential for family fun or floating around. Games like Marco-Polo and sharks and minnows aren’t as fun in a narrow pool.

Above Ground Pools Have One Exit

Having an above-ground storage container pool may save you the expense of having to put in a fence, but that also may mean just one entry and exit point. Kids climb in and out of pools from all sides – they may not be able to do this if your above ground pool has a slim deck. Also, maintenance may become an issue because you can’t walk all the way around your pool to clean out the leaves or vacuum. 

Rusty Container

Putting a big metal box into your backyard means you’ll battle some rust. You will need to be very aware of the upkeep of your storage container. There will also be more maintenance costs to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Quality isn’t Guaranteed

If you have a shipping container pool, it will be waterproofed using waterproof paint, spraying concrete, using a vinyl liner, or using a fiberglass shell. Fiberglass shells are a more popular way to make a storage container more suitable for swimming. Fiberglass shells can get spider cracks if the gel coat isn’t applied properly. If you end up with spider cracks, they can be expensive to fix.

Doesn’t Work Well with Salt Systems

Salt and metal aren’t totally compatible. Yes, your pool will be lined, but salt may still damage the outer shell of your container. You may face maintenance problems if you install a salt system. 

It May be Expensive to Heat and Cool

If you’re keeping your container above ground, be prepared to spend a lot of money on a heating and cooling system. When you have an inground pool, the earth provides more insulation than you think – without the support from the ground, keeping the perfect water temperature may be hard to achieve.

Containers With Storage on Wheels!

Do you think a shipping container pool is right for you? Do you like the aesthetic? Do you like to swim laps? If so, we can find you the perfect storage container to be your next pool! Come to Storage on Wheels, we’re a family-owned business and are dedicated to helping you find your perfect storage – or pool solution! Give us a call with any questions!

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