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Meet the People Who Work Inside Shipping Containers

New opportunities come up all the time. In the case of these people and businesses, they are finding an excellent setting to set up or expand their businesses. The location is inside this state-of-the-art shipping container business complex that is both innovative and practical all the same. These people have a lot of good things to say about their new shipping container business park home.

Shipping Container Business Park

The shipping container business park is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Ron Sturgeon owns the business park, also known as Box Office Warehouse Suites. He created it for those small businesses just starting out—an opportunity for them to build their businesses in a location that would attract a lot of it, so they could quickly build up a customer rapport.

Sturgeon, who’s a real estate master, owns over a million square feet of commercial properties, which he uses for many different reasons.

On the topic of his shipping container business park, Sturgeon said, “We think we got in on the ground floor a real estate revolution, the shipping container revolution.” He went on to explain, “We believe, given the current societal atmosphere, that shipping containers are going to be the next, great innovation in commercial real estate. They are inexpensive to retrofit, and those construction savings are passed on to the business owners in lower leasing costs.”

We’re inclined to agree with him, considering just how flexible storage solutions are when it comes to building shipping container buildings.


Whether it be small shipping container restaurants or shops, there’s room to rent. This great, public way of getting your business started costs around $875 a month per 320 square feet. They advertise this area as a hip community that will have no issue drumming up business for those who want to rent a space here.

The offices will even have charging stations for your electric car.

Build Your Own Shipping Container Office with Storage on Wheels

The Fort Worth shipping container business park isn’t finished building yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a shipping container office. See what Storage on Wheels can do for your shipping container office endeavor!

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