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Micro Apartments Built From Shipping Containers

Containerwerk, a building startup, is turning old shipping containers into 21 micro-apartments. These micro-apartments will be available to visitors of the town of Wertheim, Germany. The apartments are called “My Home,” and each apartment is built out of a retired storage container. The containers are situated in groups of 3 and a layer of timber is built around the containers for a nicer, homey feel. 

How’d They Do It?

Each container has 26 square meters of space. They come equipped with a kitchenette, dining table as well as a bed, TV, and a private terrace. The apartments feature floor to ceiling windows/doors to create the look of an open floor plan as well as brighten up the space. 

The apartments’ walls are painted gray and decorated with wooden furniture and gray upholstery. Each apartment is energy efficient and fully sustainable. Containerwerk uses its patented insulation technique and is thermal bridge free. Meaning, the walls only need to be about 10 centimeters thick. This leaves more room for living space and more stacking options for apartment modules. 

The apartments have strip foundations, which means all the apartments can be broken down and the land will be returned to its original state. The containers were constructed in Containerwerk’s facility and driven over to their current location in Germany. The containers were then laid on top of foundations and covered in timber, even the roof. 

Even though the apartments are designed to be more like homes, they come equipped with WiFi and cleaning service. 

Who are They Designed For?

This apartment complex is designed for a short stay. Business travelers and tourists who are looking for something other than the basic hotel are targeted. “My Home” is trendy and sustainable. The timber covered storage containers create the feel of a home and may make business travelers and tourists feel welcomed and more comfortable. My Home apartments became available for a stay earlier this year. 

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