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Microsoft’s Shipping Container-Sized Portable Data Center

Microsoft Azure recently announced a brand new design for modular, portable data centers. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service. Azure is utilized by major corporations, such as Boeing, Samsung, and eBay. 

The Azure Modular Data Center, or MDC, is designed to work pretty much anywhere. This includes nontraditional places where cloud computing wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. As the name implies, data centers are where data and photos from the cloud are stored. They are the “backbone of the internet”.\

Microsoft’s announcement came with information regarding a partnership with SpaceX in which satellite broadband and support connections would be expanded in more areas where connections are unsecured or completely unavailable. One example Microsoft offered had data centers on military missions or humanitarian relief after a natural disaster.

Facts About the Data Centers

  • The data centers look a lot like ordinary shipping containers with Microsoft’s logo on them.
  • The data centers are transported on the road via trailers. 
  • One data center is currently being used at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. Other data centers are in the early stages with defense contractors and some private companies.
  • The portable data centers will be great in the field during humanitarian relief missions.
  • The data centers will be integral in areas where networks are frequently disrupted, or in areas where no networks are available. Backup satellite connections will be available whenever a network connection isn’t possible. 
  • SpaceX Starlink will provide high-speed satellites for the project.
  • The unit is designed to work in various climates and conditions, some of which are generally inhospitable. The data centers will be equipped to block radio frequency interference and will be able to withstand most temperatures and humidity levels. 

The Shipping Container Pros

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