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Myths About Shipping Container Homes

The concept of shipping container homes seems pretty cut and dry. There really isn’t much to it! However, there are certainly a shipping container home myth or two floating around that we want to get squared away.

Without further ado, let’s clarify some of the shipping container myths.

Shipping Container Home Myths

Myth 1: Every shipping container home is cheap

“Most,” true… but not all. There are some, like the infamous Joshua Tree shipping container home, that are designed and built for wealthier people. While it’s true that a basic shipping container is nowhere near as expensive as a standard house, that doesn’t mean you can build any home you’d like and automatically save money.

Myth 2: They’re for rich people

Regarding what we just said about the price of shipping container homes, there isn’t a set numerical value on shipping container homes. But that also means there’s a wide variety on how much they will cost you. Yes, it’s true that some shipping container homes are pretty pricey, but the best part about shipping container homes is that they are very customizable—suffice it to say, you can really set the price yourself.

Myth 3: You’ll need insulation foam no matter what

This shipping container home myth won’t apply to everyone. Insulation foam spray offers a few benefits. First of all, it regulates the temperature inside the container; second of all, you won’t be seeing any condensation forming with insulation foam. But sometimes you shipping container home will already be properly insulated. If not, there are other options besides insulation foam spray. But insulation also comes in the form of insulation blankets, panels, mud walls, etc.

Myth 4: Construction is complex

You may have seen some intricate shipping container home designs. While they are all pretty cool and creative, they can be awfully stressful to look at and consider the work that goes into them. Luckily, your shipping container home doesn’t have to be so complex. It depends entirely on what you’re trying to build. So if you want to keep it simple, keep it simple. Your home will still be nice and unique.

Avoid the Shipping Container Myth with Real Quality

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