Doctors working in a lab inside a shipping container clinic

Need a Pop-up Clinic? Storage Containers are the Way to Go

In these uncertain times, with the inescapable news of the coronavirus hanging in the air, the need for more medical clinics is obvious. We see what is happening in other countries and we are racing to mitigate the virus in our own country. Will we be able to flatten the curve? As of yet, no one knows. What do we need to help that happen? One way to help is to provide more medical clinics. 

Yes, the military is setting up tents, but will it be enough? No one knows. If the tents aren’t enough, never fear. Empty storage containers can be quickly transformed into sterile health clinics that can assist doctors and patients in need.

Pop-up Medical Clinics Made From Storage Containers

There are stockpiles of used storage containers all over the country that can be custom made into sanitary medical clinics with several separate rooms. Solar panels can be added for remote areas or off-the-grid units. Once built, these mini-clinics can be shipped just about anywhere quickly and easily.

Custom Made

Medical clinics can be ordered and are premade so they can be used immediately upon arrival. They can be fitted with the medical equipment necessary for whatever the community and the doctors deem necessary. The construction takes a minimal amount of time so it is ready to go.

Sturdy, Durable and Cost-Effective

Pop-up medical clinics are cost-effective. As they are made from used steel storage containers that are reimagined into a clinic, they are durable and can hold up extreme weather, rigid terrain, situations that include security threats or even withstand earthquakes. One such example is a clinic in Haiti that was put on a fault line. A concrete building would crumble in that situation, but a giant container made of steel will stand strong. 

Not only can they hold up in extreme weather, but they are climate controlled inside, so the occupants can heal, and the doctors can work, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Go Off-grid with Solar Panels and Helicopters

Some remote places may not be easily reached by a semi-truck transporting a long container. Broken, narrow, winding roads near sheer cliffs would not be advised with a large truck, especially in inclement weather. Helicopters can be used in those instances to carry the storage container clinic to a place in need that is unreachable by roads.

What if there is no electricity in the remote or rural area? How do you run a hospital with no electricity? The sun! Storage containers can be fitted with solar panels and accompanying battery storage to capture the energy of the sun and store it, so it can be ready for use at night or on cloudy days. 

Low-Cost High-Quality Health Care 

Using solar power to provide electricity to the healthcare clinic means it is not only low-cost but sustainable and eco-friendly as well. Recycling used storage containers contributes to the low overall cost as well. The inside of the container is made with materials that can be easily cleaned and sterilized.

Easy to Ship

Containers refashioned into medical clinics can be easily shipped just about anywhere. They can be hauled by 18 wheel trucks, lifted by helicopters, carried on ships, or even moved by trains, to almost anywhere that needs a few more hospital rooms. 

Clinic in a Can

Clinic in a Can is a company that has been around since 2005 when Hospitals of Hope produced a 45-foot trailer that was sent to Haiti and has since provided medical care to 30,000 Haitian residents. 

In 2010, Hospitals of Hope and Heart to Heart International sent two Clinics in a Can to Haiti for medical relief during the 7.0 earthquake that struck the island that year. The containers were each 40 feet long and cost about $12,000 to build. 

Storage Container Solutions from Storage on Wheels

If you would like to contribute to the growing need for extra health care, contact us at Storage on Wheels, we can help you find the right size container for your needs. Our experts can help you design and customize your storage container whether you are going to use it for a medical clinic, a tiny home, an extra room or storage space, or a pool. Come see our selection today! 

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