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Popular Storage Container Restaurants Around the World

A great dining experience may be hard to find. Combining food with creativity just may get you the experience you are looking for. Imagine dining inside of a storage container. How crazy?! There are actually storage container restaurants out there, waiting for you to dine inside!



Storage Container Restaurants

Shipping containers are a fresh new design that will be sure to give you a unique dining experience. If you can live in a storage container, why not eat in one?


SnackBox in Times Square

This shipping container restaurant has been turned into a mobile food outlet. The striped container serves anything from snacks to hotdogs to coffee. SnackBox has a hybrid energy source that makes it self sufficient and able to provide food in an innovative way.

SnackBox is located right in the heart of Times Square, New York and is the perfect place for busy people who are always on the go. They are famous for their hot dogs that are custom made from all-natural beef. They are lightly smoked and seasoned to give them their unique flavor. The hot dogs are encased in natural casings, this is what gives them their ‘snap’ with every bite.


MuvBox in Montreal

This bright red shipping container along Montreal’s Old port will definitely catch your eye. MuvBox is a solar-powered reused shipping container that chefs up everything from lobster to old fashioned canteen food.


The design is wildly unique while being environmentally friendly. MuvBox is open all through summer and features Quebec’s famous clam chowder, lobster rolls, and pizza. At the end of the day, MuvBox turns back into a regular shipping container and pops back open the next day ready for customers!


Subway near the Freedom Tower in New York

Subway is a typical lunch spot for most people. You follow the Subway employee down the assembly line all while telling them how to craft you the best sandwich. Nothing can really spice up Subway, can it?

This Subway located by the Freedom Tower in New York serves food out of a storage container. Nine recycled shipping containers were placed together to make this eatery.

The coolest feature this Subway has to offer is that these containers are hydraulically supported so they are able to stay at the same level as the floor the workers are working on. The storage container is equipped with an eating area, composting area, refrigerators and every food item you can get!


Singapore Takeout

This mobile restaurant was created to provide authentic food from Singapore. The container has a complete restaurant inside with just enough room for the staff. This restaurant has plans to travel to nine cities across the globe. This is all possible because of the mobility and utility of the shipping container.

Singapore Takeout was designed to bring celebrity chefs to different cities around the world. Each celebrity would partner with a local chef so they can team up and bring Singaporean food around the world.


Les Grandes Tables in Paris

This restaurant was made out of reused shipping containers with an added glass frame around it. Its glass roof can be opened to let in the fresh air and sunshine on a beautiful day. Around the container, there are fresh vegetables growing.

Les Grandes Tables features a red elevator tower also made out of a storage container. The restaurant also offers indoor and outdoor terrace seating for guests. The structure also includes views of the Seine River.


Beitang Container Restaurant in China

This block of containers is a seafood filled heaven. Beitang Container Restaurant holds multiple restaurants that are made out of storage containers. These shipping containers weren’t tampered with too much, just a glass front was added to the opening.

All of the restaurants inside of Beitang serve seafood. If you love seafood, this is the place for you. The true appeal of this container lives in its rustic marine connection.


Container Cafe in the U.K.

This shipping container was designed by Richard Woods for the 40th anniversary of the city of Milton Keynes. Container Cafe is the prime spot for coffee lovers. The main attraction is the bright green color of the container that peers through the hand-painted doors.

This shipping container bar serves excellent coffee and food right in the middle of Milton Keynes and is the perfect place to grab a coffee on the go.


Bin 702

This restaurant is located in the middle of Container Park right in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s a popular shipping container restaurant, especially for those who love visiting the fabulous party scene of Las Vegas. They offer all kinds of fresh American foods, as well as different wines, cheeses, and cocktails.



Start your own Shipping Container Restaurant

Looking to invest in your own shipping container restaurant? Buy or rent a shipping container from us at Storage on Wheels! No matter what you are planning to do with your storage container, we ensure it will be safe and always make it to its destination. Bring the flavors of food and uniqueness of storage containers together today! Give us a call!

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