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Portable Office/Clinic

Shipping Container Portable Offices Dominate The Market

The Storage Container Market is growing Globally at a steady pace.  The addition of the residential market in past years growing the supply and availability has decreased, which has nudged the price of shipping containers upward.  The industry is worth of 9 Billion and is expected to exceed 12 Billion in 2027.

Commercial Market

The primary use of commercial shipping containers has been to transport goods, products and equipment on the 7 seas from country to country ports of entry.

The newer market is now on site storage and portable office space.  You can drive behind almost any shopping center or mall and find shipping containers pad locked for storing back up inventory.  Many small business also use them for more on -site storage.

The big use that has risen, is the mobile or portable office space.  Taking a 20 or 40 foot container and modifying it into a office/work space has grown tremendously of late.  

Construction job sites are one of the biggest users of office storage containers.  They rent or purchase them to run job sites and storage equipment and tools.

Some of the newer commercial uses are businesses who need a short term location at an event or for a special short term purpose. Clinics, Retail Sales and Food Service industries.  They are finding out the cost effectiveness of modifying a container and relocating it works for their business model.

20ft Open Office - Outside - Rent
20ft Open Office - Outside - For Rent
40ft Open Office - Inside - Rental
40ft Open Office - Inside - Rental
Mobile Office-Storage Combination Modification
Mobile Office-Storage Combination Modification Outside View

Residential Market

The Residential Market for Shipping Containers has jumped in recent years.  The market has been jump started by the Creative and Innovators.

Some of the residential uses are homes, garages, casitas, studios, pool cabanas, barbeque kitchens, swimming pools and side hustle business operated from home. The list can keep going on an on based upon the creative solutions that are needed.  All these cool ideas that are tailored to the individual, has created another market for the bore old shipping container.

Storage On Wheels of Las Vegas NV
Mini Cooper Car Garage
Outdoor Kitchen - Food Service Container
Outdoor Kitchen - Food Service Container with Built in Food Equipment and Bistro Lighting
Mini Living Space Container
Mini Living Space Container

The Shipping Container Market keeps evolving. From multi-story apartment buildings to pools and green houses in your backyard, the prefabbed stability an easy integration into your everyday life will keep advancing forward in the residential market as long as it maintains it’s cost effectiveness.