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Shipping Containers Could Be The Farms of the Future

2020 was a wild year. In addition to climate change, the pandemic struck all across the globe. Additionally, the population continues to rise. It may become a serious problem trying to feed all those hungry mouths. 

The Problem

Traditional farming methods could spell trouble in the future due to space and sustainability. Our current farming techniques are damaging the environment by eradicating species and their habitat, posting a serious problem. However, there may be a solution.

The Solution

Part of the solution may be found inside a 40-foot refrigerated shipping container called The Cube. The Cube is a modular smart farm designed to be built in urban areas in essentially any configuration that suits your specific needs. 

The containers can be stacked horizontally or vertically. There can be dozens or even hundreds of Cubes pieced together to make a massive farming system capable of cultivating a mass amount of produce. This solution can potentially bring sustainable, efficient, year-round farming capabilities to areas that can’t typically support agriculture.

The Cube farm’s technology is powered by an automated operating system called Cube OS. The system takes readings from sensors that measure humidity, water ph levels, temperature, carbon dioxide, and other essential factors that grow a healthy plant. Depending on the plant that’s being grown, these variables can easily be tweaked and optimized.

N.Thing has already begun a partnership with Korea’s largest supermarket chain to supply produce. Last year, it also introduced a farm in the United Arab Emirates, where temperatures in the summertime are known to climb well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. N.Thing plans to expand into areas such as Singapore and Qatar.

Other Uses

While sustainable farming is an excellent use for shipping containers, it’s just one of the many uses for these containers. Inexpensive living, vacation getaways, shipping, and simply storing items are all excellent uses for shipping containers. At Storage on Wheels, we’ll help you find the shipping container perfect for your intended use. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a shipping container, Storage on Wheels has you covered. Contact us today to find out more.

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