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Steel vs. Wood Framing Within Modified Shipping Containers

Should you go with steel frames or wood frames for your project? It’s important to note that there’s a place and time for construction to be made out of either steel or wood frames. Continue reading for the pros and cons of each option to better help you make an informed decision.

Steel Framing

Steel framing is an alternative to wood framing. Steel framing has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s generally less common for basic construction applications. However, it can be the ideal choice depending on the application and can even be cheaper than wood framing in some instances.


  • Stronger than wood
  • Lighter than wood frames
  • Non-combustible
  • Water-resistant compared to wood frames
  • Less likely to be a hotbed for fungus


  • Difficult to insulate compared to wood framing
  • Rust potential

Wood Framing

Wood framing is generally considered the go-to choice for traditional construction. Most construction today is made of wood framing. Wood framing is utilized to construct many different varieties of structures. Wood framing is actually heavier than steel framing. It is also more combustible than steel framing. Many builders are familiar with wood framing since it’s considered the traditional choice for construction projects. 


  • Natural thermal insulator
  • Easier to find experienced contractors, architects, and other construction professionals who are familiar with wood framing


  • Rot potential
  • Potential to attract insects
  • Combustible

Using Shipping Containers

One of the best things about using shipping containers to build is that they have a simple, building block-style of construction. Containers can be easily stacked to create larger structures if needed. This is one reason why shipping containers are gaining popularity among construction builders. 

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