Used Storage Trailers for Rent Las Vegas, NV

Storage trailers are perfect for when you need increased mobility for your storage unit. At Storage on Wheels, we offer both traditional storage units and storage containers with wheels for easy transportation. These dock height units are perfect for industrial and retail applications. Our semi-trailers are no longer suitable for long distance travel but are kept in premium condition to keep your products safe from wind and weather. These storage containers with wheels are the perfect option for permanent or temporary commercial storage.

Keep Your Items Safe From the Elements

Made out of durable materials, your storage trailers are the perfect units to keep your items stored away easily and safely. You will not have to worry about rain, wind or sun exposure as your storage trailer is sealed away from all elements. When leaving equipment or tools at a worksite, theft is always a worry on people’s mind. With our storage trailers, you can rest assured your items are safe as each container comes with the ability to be locked away for safe keeping.

Mobility Options

With our storage trailers for sale, you have the option to move your storage units to the optimal locations at your home or work space. You are not forced to keeping your storage unit in one location that may get in the way of projects or other storage options in the future. Because our storage shed trailers come fitted with wheels, they are perfect for short transportation. This allows you to take your cargo trailers with you from work site to work site keep all of your equipment organized and safe. Give Storage on Wheels a call for all storage trailer prices.

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