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The Benefits of Storage Container Homes

Creating your own home out of storage containers can spark just the excitement you were looking for! There are endless possibilities when it comes down to designing your own storage unit home. A shipping container house can come with many benefits.

Benefits of Owning a Storage Container Home

While owning your own storage unit home may come with many benefits, it may not be for everyone. We will highlight all the benefits and endless possibilities that come with storage container homes.

Sustainable & Environment Friendly

Usually, when we think about being ‘eco-friendly’ the first word that pops into our minds is ‘recycling.’ If you have your own storage container home you are utilizing the three R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle. The first step, reduce, comes into play because you are actually reducing the number of building materials you use by building a shipping container home. Reuse is you using recycled shipping containers to make your new home. Lastly, if you wish to move and leave your shipping container home, you can always recycle it!


Storage units are super strong considering they were made to survive traveling across the open ocean. Units are made out of steel and their ability to hold up against natural wear and tear, while also being able to last for decades makes them a construction dream!


Some may say that all shipping containers look the same, but what they don’t know is that shipping containers can be modified in any way! You are the artist of your storage containers and have the artistic freedom of painting and designing how your new storage container home looks.


Flexibility goes hand in hand with uniqueness. If you want your storage container custom cut/designed and shipped to your new location, that is definitely possible. If you want to be your own construction crew and custom make your own containers that’s all right too! Storage containers offer you the flexibility your project needs!

The Building Process

The building process with storage containers is quite easy. First, you design your floor plan and elevation. You do some on-site preparations as well as off-site preparations. On-site preparations may include leveling the ground where you want to place your container or removing an old building from the lot. Off-site preparations include the customization of your storage unit. Your new home is then delivered and any additional features are taken care of on-site!

Room Widths in Storage Containers

The majority of storage containers are eight feet wide. Yes, that is extremely narrow and you’re thinking, how much room will I have? One cool thing you can do with storage containers is cut them and place them next to each other to create a larger living space.

Insulation Location

Containers do not have wall cavities, so you are probably thinking about how to insulate one. This is simple, you have the option of placing the insulation either inside or outside of the corrugated metal. If you decide to insulate the inside of your container, you typically cover that with an interior wall surface. If you insulate the outside of your container, you need exterior cladding to prevent weather from damaging the insulation.

Make it your Own!

Storage containers are pretty easy to work with. Unlike normal house floor plans, your shipping container home can have a floor plan as wacky as you! Don’t think you have to use the opening of the storage container as a door, because yuck! Add sliding a sliding glass door or typical front door. Storage containers are basically custom homes. Your home doesn’t always have to be huge. You can be trendy and try out a tiny home! Storage containers are perfect for tiny houses!

Everything but a Home

If you don’t want to completely change your ways and move into storage containers, you can ease yourself in with other options. Storage units can be used as guest homes/in-law suites, rental units or even home gyms. Make it your container and fix it up however you want!

Storage on Wheels

For the safest, most reliable steel storage containers in Las Vegas, choose Storage on Wheels! We don’t just rent and sell, we even offer container painting and customization! For any questions contact us, we’d love to help you find the perfect unit!

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