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The Shipping Container Home That Looks Like an Exploding Star

There will soon be a shipping container home that resembles an exploding star built in Joshua Tree, California. This home will be dubbed the “Starburst House.” It is just one of the few projects Chris Hanley, producer of ‘American Psycho’ and ‘Springbreakers’, is responsible for.

Chris Hanley

Mostly known for his film production, Chris Hanley has produced renowned films such as ‘American Psycho’ and ‘Springbreakers’. He has been producing films since 1991. Producing Hollywood films has undoubtedly taken center stage in Hanley’s life. However, that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing another one of his passions: hiring well-known architects to construct innovative homes. 

One of those homes is known as the Invisible House, a house completed in 2019 that is covered in mirrors and resembles a skyscraper that has been turned on its side. The home has been rented out by Demi Lavato and is located 90-acre estate in Joshua Tree, California. The estate was purchased by Hanley and his wife in 2006. They also had a guest house installed on the estate that was created by Office of Mobile Design

The Starburst House

Chris Hanley and his wife are now planning their third home, named the Starburst House. The home consists of 21 splayed shipping containers, resembling an exploding star. 

The home was originally designed by James Whitaker, a London-based architect, as an office for a failed advertising company in Germany. However, Whitaker has been working with Hanley since 2017 to adapt the design for the California desert landscape. 

After three years of planning, construction is finally ready to begin. 

The home will be elevated above the ground by steel plates and posts in order to preserve the land. Ground-level containers will have glass windows that open to the outside. The ceiling will be almost 34 feet high. The home will have 21 “portals” where the surrounding landscape and night sky will be able to be viewed. 

On the inside, the home will be 2,000 square feet and will consist of an entry corridor, central living area, kitchen, and half bathroom. Additionally, there will be three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The home’s design allows you to see to the end of each container if you’re standing in the middle of it. The space can be sectioned off by sliding glass doors. 

Outside the home, there will be a garage covered in solar panels that will provide power for the house. There will also be a wooden patio with an above-ground pool that can be utilized as a recreational area.

The project is expected to take approximately nine months to complete once construction has started. It is expected to be ready for occupancy by late 2021. 

The house will be residential at first. However, Hanley anticipates opening it up to creative guests in the future. As of right now, both the Invisible House and Hanley’s home in Lamu, Kenya, are available for rent for around $5000 per day. 

Chris Hanley has many architectural projects in mind for his properties. However, he is focusing his attention on the Starburst House for now. 

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