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The Structural Strength of Shipping Containers

Modified shipping containers can be utilized as building components for everyday structures due to steel and the structural strength of shipping containers. Container manufacturers rely on a container’s stability to manufacture container-based structures. This is partly due to steel’s high tensile strength. 

Strength of Corten Steel

Steel is mostly composed of iron, with a small number of other elements, such as chromium and carbon, also smelted in. Manufacturers of shipping containers use an alloy, commonly referred to as “corten steel” or weathering steel. “Corten” refers to the combination of the defining characteristics of steel. “Cor” refers to corrosion resistance, while “ten” refers to tensile strength. 

Unpainted corten steel forms an outer layer of rust that minimizes the penetration of deeper rust. Shipping container experts prefer corten steel due to its protective qualities. The shipping containers are then painted to prevent rusting. However, if the paint chips, the rust will only go as far as the exposed surface instead of affecting the entire container. Rather than spreading, the rust forms a protective coating, which minimizes damage. 

Corten steel allows shipping containers to hold 480,560 lbs on their corner castings. The weathering protection is also integral to shipping containers’ value retention for at least 25 years. Corten steel construction is one of the main reasons shipping containers are convenient and cost-effective building components for off-site construction. 

Shipping Containers Strength in Extreme Weather Conditions

Shipping containers are intended to withstand strong winds out at sea. If the proper steps are taken to install and secure a modified shipping container, it should easily withstand the most severe weather conditions. Just be sure to communicate any severe weather concerns you may have with your container provider. This will allow the provider to advise you on possible modifications and applications that will ensure your container withstands the severe weather conditions it will be in.

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