Storage container home on large land of grass

Things to Consider Before Constructing a Shipping Container Home

The concept of building a home out of used shipping containers is an increasingly popular trend among aspiring homeowners that wish to create a unique property at a lower price. When done right, there is no doubt that it can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Nonetheless, knowing how to build a shipping container home in the right manner requires key considerations over a number of features. Keep the following issues in mind, and you won’t go far wrong.

Things to Consider when Building a Shipping Container Home

Container quality

Given that you are buying a used product, it’s imperative that you find a shipping container that is in great condition. Storage on Wheels provides quality shipping containers in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

Local regulations

Even if you have purchased a plot of land, it’s important to check the regulations in your local area. Gain planning permission before making your purchase as it could save you a huge headache further down the line.


Shipping containers are primarily designed for transportation, often at sea. As such, the wood floorings and steel paints can contain harmful materials. Be sure to use foam insulation and rip up the old flooring.

Load bearings

Steel shipping containers are naturally very strong and will be able to cope with a new roof, or adding a second container on top as a first floor. However, cutting into the material for doors and windows will impact things. Adding steel beam reinforcements may be necessary.

Plumbing and electric

Adding those fundamental features is a crucial step on the road to making the shipping container feel like a functional home. Know where the lines will enter and exit your home ahead of any proposed work.


In their current state, used shipping containers are going to get unbearably hot in the days and incredible cold at night. There are plenty of insulation ideas such as sheep wool, foam insulation, and stud walls. Make sure you choose wisely.

Garden space

When you build a shipping container home, it’s important to make the most of the external spaces. If your surrounding land is treated in the right manner, it can add a whole new dimension to your shipping container home.


The shipping container home will naturally carry a unique appearance. However, it still needs an identity that reflects your character. The interior design aspects are where you’ll master this. A modern design with personal touches is ideal.

Total costs

Building a shipping container home is a far cheaper option than the traditional route. Still, you must not underestimate the expenses involved. You’ll need the land, shipping container, materials, and manual labor. The last thing you need is a half-finished project.


Transforming used shipping containers into a home will take time, especially when you take welding and structural changes into account. With our storage containers Las Vegas, you can get the project off to the best start.

Get Your Shipping Container Home from Storage on Wheels

A shipping container home can be great for your bank balance, environment, and general happiness. Give the process your undivided attention, and success is assured. Learn more about shipping container customization by contacting us today.

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