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Three Affordable Shipping Container Homes Constructed in Oregon

Shipping containers are typically used to ship items across oceans. However, they are now commonly being used for shelter as well. Many communities are accepting the idea of utilizing shipping containers as homes. For one community in Oregon City, Oregon (just about a half-hour outside of Portland), three homes made out of shipping containers are now for sale. 

Interior Details

Each home is listed for $325,000 and is roughly 800 square feet. Each home also has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Two of the homes are located on Warner Street, and one is located on Prospect Street.

Each home is made up of several shipping containers. Two of the homes are known as “T houses.” This means that they are made up of one larger container and two shorter containers welded together in a T shape. The other home is made up of two 45-foot containers side by side. This home is known as the Suite Spot River model. 

All of the units have what’s known as bump-outs. Bump-outs are when the sides of the container are taken out and welded back onto an extended area. Bump-outs make the units larger, ensuring the homes don’t feel narrow and cramped.

Stainless-steel appliances and quartz countertops come standard in each unit’s kitchen. Each unit also comes equipped with laundry hookups, built-in closets, vinyl flooring, Ikea cabinets, back decks, and storage sheds. The floor plans are small but open.

There’s also a lot of light shining through the shipping container homes. There are a lot of high, horizontal windows throughout the home. Since the windows aren’t tall, there’s still plenty of wall space with the added benefit of light shining above it. 

Exterior Details

From the outside, it’s easy to tell that the homes are made from shipping containers. However, from the inside, it looks and feels like a regular house. The homes are completely insulated, and the interior walls aren’t made of metal. 

The homes are also extremely durable. While steel may eventually show some signs of rust, the material only requires minor routine maintenance. These homes can last as long as someone continues to paint it. Like anything else, keep up with the maintenance, and it’ll last forever. 

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