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Three Repairs to Help Extend the Life of Your Modified Shipping Container

Modified shipping containers can offer many years of benefits to organizations and companies utilizing containers as storage spaces, workspaces, equipment enclosures, and more. Although shopping containers are known for their durability and resistance to the elements, there are repairs you can make to extend the life of your container. Continue reading to find out more about these simple repairs.

Shipping Container Repairs You Should Know

When it comes to shipping container repairs, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Conduct regular inspections on your container. Check out the plumbing, draining lines, and electrical connections regularly. Be sure to perform regular checks on important features both inside and outside the container.

Extend the Life of Your Shipping Container with These 3 Repairs

Remove Rust

While shipping containers are resistant to rust, it should be noted that rust can still form if standing water remains for a long period of time. Rain and snow can lead to standing water on the roof of the container. The best way to stop the spread of rust on the roof is to remove debris and perform regular inspections for scratches or dents that can hold moisture. Pay special attention to the caulk and weathering strips when you perform inspections on your unit. Be sure to clean dirt and rust from the caulking or replace caulk as needed. 

A preventative approach is best when it comes to dealing with rust on your shipping container. Touch up the paint on your shipping container with a moisture-resistant coating. This will help ensure the longevity of your shipping container structure. Consider recoating your unit if a significant amount of time has passed since the last coating. Small rust build-up on your unit isn’t something to be concerned about as shipping containers are immensely durable. You can easily clean the area with a wire brush and vinegar as needed.

Lubricate Cargo Door Hinges

If your organization chooses to leave the container cargo doors operable on your shipping container unit, be sure to regularly inspect the hinges of the doors. These doors should be kept clean and well-maintained. Clean dirt from the hinges and lubricate them to help keep your cargo doors working properly for a long time.

The proper way to keep up with your cargo doors is to clean the cam, keeper, and door hinges first. Then apply lubricant to the hinges. Since the right door is the first to open, it is recommended to start with that one.

Re-level Shipping Container

Your shipping container should be placed on a flat, level surface, such as a gravel or concrete pad. As time passes, the unit may begin to shift. If it does, you should strongly consider releveling your unit. This will help prevent moisture build-up, plumbing issues, and sticky doors.

To properly level your shipping container, be sure that the four corners touch the ground while the crossmembers don’t touch the ground. All the corners should be level with each other. 

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