Storage container home on wheels

Tips for Building Your Own Shipping Container Home

Shipping container homes have been increasing in popularity over the years. The benefits of affordable, eco-friendly living over traditional houses have been evident worldwide as more and more container homes have emerged. With Storage on Wheels, you can convert your shipping containers into a custom and livable home. You can now go wherever you like with these portable shipping containers.

Shipping Container Home Tips

Whenever you aren’t traveling, your portable shipping container can act as your permanent home or guest home. This will allow guests to stay over and have the luxury of their own private amenities.

Shipping container homes are an excellent use of space, and they’re an eco-friendly alternative to the “traditional” home. You’ll be able to build a custom home with a modern look and features for a fraction of the cost. Before you rush out to purchase your shipping containers to modify, however, you should check out these tips. 

Inspect the Quality of Shipping Containers

It’s essential to go to the facility and personally inspect the shipping or storage containers you want to use. This will give you a good idea of the size and spacing the modified containers will take. Not all shipping containers are constructed to the same measurements. There are many styles. It’s important to know the exact specifications to match your needs and wants. If you are planning on purchasing used shipping containers, this will also give you a chance to inspect the quality and whether or not further maintenance is needed before construction begins.

Know the Building Regulations

Shipping container homes are not built the same as regular homes. There are special tools and practices to ensure that your shipping container home is safe and up to regulations, especially if it will be used for traveling. Depending on the city you live in, there may be different regulations and codes. You do not want to be caught in the situation of spending thousands of dollars to construct your new home just to learn that it is not up to code and needs to be taken down, or that you cannot set up your house in the city you plan to move.

Finding the Right Contractor

Building a shipping container home is no easy task. Because you will be living in your container home, it is important that it is constructed the right way. The recent popularity of small homes and shipping container buildings has produced many contractors that have experience in such constructions. Finding someone to take your vision and make it a reality can take much of the stress off of your shoulders.

Why Limit Yourself to One Location?

With our shipping containers with wheels, you are now given the option to travel as you please, knowing you will always have a place to stay. Portable shipping container homes are ideal for those who love to travel and explore across the country and also want the comforts of sleeping in their own beds each night. 

Our modified shipping containers with wheels allow you to construct your own custom home that can be hitched around to any location. You can rest assured that you will be spending each night in your eco-friendly portable shipping container home with all the amenities you need. You do not have to adhere to check out times from hotels. You’ll have the luxury of creating your own schedule.

Storage on Wheels can Provide You with the Best Options!

Stop by Storage on Wheels, located in North Las Vegas, for quality and affordable steel storage containers that can be modified to fit your specifications.You can let your mind run wild and construct your ideal living and storage facilities. Contact us today to receive a pricing quote and get your shipping container home project started!

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