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What to Look for When it Comes to Steel Storage Solutions

Nowadays, it’s known that storage containers have a hundred-and-one uses in your life. Whether you’re looking to stash your belongings in a safe spot, ship them out to parts unknown, or refurbish it into a cost-effective living solution, they always come in handy. However, the container’s only as good as the steel it’s stamped from – so how do you ensure you’re making the right purchase? We’ve got you covered.


Things to Consider while Choosing Steel Shipping Containers


Size of the Storage Container

Depending on your needs, you’ll want to make sure you get the right size shipping container for your project. Traditional steel storage units come in 20-foot and 40-foot units but are also available in other dimensions. Fair to note – you can always pack away extra space inside a container, but adding a new room is impossible. This counts as a rare example where overbuying and underusing might be the smarter option.


New or Used

Consider your budget while shopping. You can choose to purchase a new or used container. While used shipping containers will be a little cheaper, they may come with some issues you need to handle. Inspect the containers before you purchase them and determine if any renovation is necessary. Look for these issues when inspecting the container:

  • Rust Damage
  • Welding conditions
  • Warping
  • Floor condition
  • Water damage


Buying or Renting

If you only need your shipping container for a short period, you may want to consider renting. As opposed to buying, renting is a cheaper option. You can give the containers back when you no longer need them. Buying the shipping containers gives you more flexibility when it comes to any modifications you want to make. This is especially useful if you are planning to construct a shipping container home or office.


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