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When to Choose a High Cube Shipping Container

When planning to modify a shipping container, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. One of the first steps is to choose a container with the appropriate dimensions for your intended use. While there are many lengths to choose from, shipping containers also come in two height options. A “standard” container is eight feet, six inches tall while a “high cube” container is nine feet, six inches tall. 

All containers come in three different lengths. These lengths are 10, 20, and 40 feet. All three sizes are available when you choose a standard container. However, the high cube shipping containers are only available in 20 and 40-foot lengths. Continue reading to find out when you should opt for a high cube shipping container.

Plumbing is Needed

If you require plumbing in your modified shipping container to create a modular bathroom or container-based living space, you should opt for a high cube shipping container. Typically, when installing plumbing, a raised floor will be required so that the plumbing equipment can be installed between the shipping container floor and the raised floor. High cube containers allow the plumbing to be installed without sacrificing interior comfort.

Prioritizing Comfort for Living and Working

Choosing a high cube container for modified living spaces and container offices adds a layer of comfort to the space. The raised ceiling will help with air circulation while providing a slightly more open interior for the work or living space.

Housing Tall Equipment

If you plan on using your modified shipping container to store machinery or equipment, choosing a high cube shipping container might be the best option. One reason for this is that larger equipment will probably require the extra foot of space to even be able to fit inside the unit. Another reason is that a high cube will be able to provide better air circulation or the opportunity for you to add thicker foam spray insulation for temperature-sensitive equipment that might require it.

Extra Storage Space is Required

Even if you’re using your shipping container for simple storage needs, a high cube container can offer extra storage space. You can add extra shelving for store retail inventory or food pantry items. You can even use the space to store taller equipment required for lawn care, automotive shops, or sports equipment.

Get the Right Shipping Container for You

At Storage on Wheels, we provide our clients with shipping containers of all sizes. Whether you need to rent or buy a modified shipping container, we can help you find the best container for your intended purposes. Contact us for more information.

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