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Why Shipping Container Homes are So Popular?

We’ve certainly seen a rise in shipping container home construction over the last few years. It’s something that everyone seems to be latching on to. Why is that, though? Could it simply be because it’s something new and exciting like a trend. Does that mean it will go away? At this rate, it doesn’t seem like it. The popularity of shipping container homes seems to show us how things will be for a long time coming.

Here are some reasons why.

The Popularity of Shipping Container Homes

The style

Certainly the look and style has something to do with the popularity of shipping container homes. It’s a very industrial look that people, especially young people, seem to be drawn to. There is a certain uniformity of shipping container homes, besides the choice in colors, but the look in on itself is pleasing to many. Perhaps people like how simple it appears to be.

The right size

Some people like big homes (and they can absolutely build a huge shipping container home, make no mistake) and others enjoy living in a small but comfortable space. That’s it, though—it’s entirely about the comfort. When you go home to your shipping container house, you’ll always feel like you’re not wasting a single square foot of space and every little bit will be utilized. That is so much easier to manage with a shipping container home.

Building codes

Many people, including building officials, are seeing the benefits of shipping containers and their usefulness. Since there’s so much you can do with shipping containers, more and more officials are allowing for the building of these simple structures. In this day and age, there are plenty of places to build your shipping container homes, so by all means, build away.

The price

For a decent sized shipping container home, you are looking at a very affordable solution to a standard house. You are saving a great deal in terms of land space (usually) and material used. Of course, it depends entirely on what you’re building. If you decide to build a giant mansion out of old or new shipping containers, you’re looking at quite a bit—though it still may be cheaper than building a regular mansion.

Get Your Shipping Containers from Storage on Wheels

With the increasing popularity of shipping container homes, what Storage on Wheels offers is more relevant than ever. Whether you’re building a shipping container home or not, there’s a lot you can do with our storage solutions, so check us out!

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