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You Won’t Believe What Can You Make Out of a Used Shipping Container

Shipping containers provide a crucial function in the world of modern business, but their uses don’t end there. With a little creative thinking, shipping container customization allows you to turn the unit into something that can provide years of additional service.

Storage on Wheels boasts a wide range of used shipping containers for sale. Here are six potential ideas for a transformation, what will you turn yours into?

Exploring the Many Uses of Used Shipping Containers

Shipping containers as homes

A growing number of people are turning shipping containers into their living spaces. Aside from significantly reducing the costs, this creates a blank canvas for individuals with an eye for interior design. Bringing a vision to life with a modern space has never been more accessible while many homeowners have combined multiple used shipping containers to overcome spatial limitations.

Shipping containers as office spaces

If living in the shipping container doesn’t appeal, perhaps working from it will. A used shipping container can kitted out with electrical outlets, new flooring, and office desks in next to no time. As with turning shipping containers into homes, it’s possible to add doors and windows also. While this idea can be used in any situation, arguably the best option is on construction sites that need office links.

Shipping containers as swimming pools

Swimming pools are commonly accepted as the greatest home luxury. Rather than taking the traditional route, why not convert a used shipping container? This is a great way to reduce the costs and also offers the chance to personalize the container for a unique design that reflects your personal needs. Whether at ground level or as a raised structure, the results can be incredible.

Shipping containers as pop-up stores

Brick and mortar stores are under greater threat than ever before, but pop up stores are relieving some of the pressure. Used shipping containers are an ideal solution as they can be customized to make the business stand out. Moreover, the affordable pricing and easy mobility opens up a world of new possibilities. Whether it’s a short-term seasonal venture or an ongoing idea, this is ideal.

Shipping containers as catering units

Catering units are an increasingly popular conversion, and they are quite easy to do. With new lining, electrics and plumbing, the unit will be ready for use. Install a serving hatch, and this can be a mobile take away service for the public. Alternatively, it’s a great option to have on-site in various working scenarios. As with any of the potential solutions, the easy overnight security is a bonus too.

Shipping containers as garages

The fact that shipping containers can be easily secured also makes them ideal garage spaces. After all, the average container can probably fit two vehicles inside, including slightly taller SUVs. With new lining to protect the wheels and a ramp for entry and exits, the container is an ideal permanent fixture for the home or workspace. Protecting the car has never been easier.

Plan Your Next Project with Storage on Wheels

The possibilities are endless. Check out our selection of used storage containers for sale, then take the first step to make your dream a reality by calling our team today.

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